Wistron is the first Original Device Manufacturer to offer Data Engine High-Performance PCIe NVMe SSD Add-In Cards in Its Data Center Servers 

SANTA CLARA, Calif. Aug. 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Flash Memory Summit (FMS) 2017 (Booth 609) Smart IOPS, Inc. an innovative flash storage leader, announced the certification of its Data Engine T2 HP High-Performance PCIe NVMe1 SSD on the Wistron Corporation (TPE:3231) (“Wistron”) second generation Transformer server platform. As a leading electronics contract manufacturer, Wistron has a terrific track record of building high-end data center servers, storage systems and components for tier one Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Data Engine SSDs deliver a game-changing performance for demanding data center applications such as Big Data Analytics, enabling customers to conduct more transactions in less time, far surpassing the I/Os per second (IOPS) performance of competing NVMe SSDs.

The 2 Socket/1U Transformer rack server is an instant data center favorite workhorse, delivering superb functional flexibility to customers. The server’s combination of the most capable processors and ample memory, coupled with Smart IOPS’ Data Engine NVMe SSD, enable faster access to data to support I/O hungry application workloads. This powerful combination of fast server and outstanding SSD performance allow for consolidation of data silos and deliver a single analytics platform for a wide range use cases. Rigorous performance testing conducted by Smart IOPS shows that Data Engine SSDs deliver the highest bandwidth and can meet the latency requirements of a large number of processor cores, enabling customers to consolidate their applications on a single platform, host more Virtual Machines (VM) on the same physical host and support more concurrent users and applications.

The Smart IOPS Data Engine PCIe NVMe SSD Series offers a whopping 1.7 million random 4KB Input/Output Operations Per Second (IOPS), deliver industry-leading dollar per IOPS, and sequential read speeds of 6,800 MB/s. Fully compatible with the latest NVMe specification, half-height half-length add-in card Data Engine T2 High-Performance SSDs range from 3.2TB to 6.4TB in capacity.

Smart IOPS is an innovative leader in storage solutions whose TruRandom™ technology creates new possibilities for flash technology to have a profound impact on current and next generation data center applications. Powered by TruRandom, Smart IOPS SSDs substantially increase IOPS and bandwidth to remove the I/O storage bottleneck that severely limits the modern data center. Smart IOPS’ flash storage solutions enable Cloud Service Providers (CSP), High-Performance Computing (HPC) and enterprise data centers to confidently deploy I/O-intensive applications with greater reliability and SLA, at a fraction of the cost of other flash-based storage products.

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