Written by: By Chris Mellor | Blocks & Files

Startup Smart IOPS has burst out from stealth mode with a line of enterprise-class PCIe 3 and 4 SSDs using its own controller chip that it says treats data blocks like packets to achieve vastly increased IOPS and low latency.

The company was started in 2013 by ex-SanDisk engineers to target the high-end enterprise SSD market. It has taken in some $20 million of funding from investors. With that it has devised its own controller chip hardware architecture and firmware, and built and shipped SSDs to customers such as China Telecom and adtech company TheTradeDesk.

Co-founder, president and CEO Ashutosh Das told B&F at an IT Press Tour briefing: “We started [generating] revenue in 2021. We’re selling to large enterprises like NASA and Verizon Media and have tens of customers with a strong pipeline.” SmartIOPS has “already shipped thousands of units” with around 10PB of installed capacity.