New NVMe Solid State Device (SSD) called Unobtanium™ FN geared towards Storage Class Memory (SCM) market

IRVINE, Calif., August 6, 2019 – Smart IOPS, Inc. a leading storage solutions provider, announced today introduction of a new NVMe Solid State Device (SSD) called Unobtanium™ FN geared towards Storage Class Memory (SCM) market. The Storage Class Memories are typically deployed in mission critical applications that require high endurance and very low latency that falls between DRAM and storage drive latencies. Unobtanium™ FN delivers a whopping 1,700,000 random read operations per second, 800,000 random writes operations per second, and 15 drive writes per day endurance for 5 years. More importantly it offers an unprecedented 75µs of 99.999% QoS latency for random read operations with a queue depth of 16 and 30µs of typical random read operation latency. The Unobtanium™ FN drive utilizes Toshiba Memory’s next generation XL-FLASH™ Low Latency 3D Flash Memory and is being offered at 800GB, 1.6TB, and 3.2TB capacity points with the possibility of 6.4TB capacity in future. Due to cost benefits of 3D NAND devices enabled by three-dimensional scaling, Smart IOPS Unobtanium™ FN drive has the potential to alter market dynamics of Storage Class Memories. During Flash Memory Summit this year from August 6 to August 8, Smart IOPS is showing a live demo of new Unobtanium™ FN SSD in Booth Number 609.

“The Unobtanium™ FN solid state drive marries our innovative TruRandom® technology with Toshiba Memory’s XL-FLASH™ device resulting in a unique product that offers best in class low latency and high performance to Storage Class Memory market at an attractive price point,” said Ashutosh Das, CEO of Smart IOPS, Inc. “We remain committed to our high standards of offering quality storage solutions with best performance and latency.”

The unmatched performance and latency of Unobtanium™ FN drive greatly enhances artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics, content delivery, and caching capabilities making it ideal for next generation data crunching needs.

“Toshiba Memory is very happy to see our XL-FLASH™ Low-Latency 3D Flash Memory make its entry into the market.  We are happy to see Smart IOPS introduce products using our XL-FLASH™,” said Hiroo Ota, Technology Executive, Memory Application Engineering, Toshiba Memory Corporation. “We are excited about numerous possibilities that our low latency XL-FLASH™ devices will enable.”

About Toshiba Memory
Toshiba Memory Group, a world leader in memory solutions, is dedicated to the development, production and sale of flash memory and solid state drives (SSDs). In April 2017, Toshiba Memory was spun off from Toshiba Corporation, the company that invented NAND flash memory in 1987. Toshiba Memory pioneers cutting-edge memory solutions and services that enrich people’s lives and expand society’s horizons. The company’s innovative 3D flash memory technology, BiCS FLASH™, is shaping the future of storage in high-density applications, including advanced smartphones, PCs, SSDs, automotive and data centers. Toshiba Memory will officially change its name to Kioxia on October 1, 2019. For more information on Toshiba Memory, please visit

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